Distance Healing

 From the comfort of your home, get a distant Reiki healing that will leave you feeling relaxed and supported through changes, emotional releases or healing. It will bring you personal insights on your body/chakras/energetic field and what tools can help you on your path.


 How does it work? I will convene with you of a suitable time, where you will be able to lay down undisturbed for the duration of your healing. All you need to do is make yourself comfortable, relax, close your eyes and take some deep breaths in and out to allow your body to let go and your thoughts to slow down. I will check with you if you're ready before starting and when finished, I will send you an audio file by email of what I've picked up during your healing. I will leave you to enjoy the beautiful and relaxing energy as it will keep flowing for as long as you need it! The beauty of distant healings.

30min  |  A$80

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