Distance Reiki

for Animals

If your pet is going through stressful times, Reiki can help!

 Just like us, our pets greatly enjoy and benefit the healing Reiki energy. If your fur baby is going through a stressful time (health issues, changes, an additional family member...) a nice and relaxing Reiki healing will give the support to go through those changes. It is also a very loving and soft way to help them transition when it's their time to go. And I will send YOU, the pet owner, some Reiki too (with permission) as often when our fur baby isn't well, we are stressed too.


 The distance healing is great to get your animal to open up and discover the Reiki energy. Like us, every animal has his own personality, some are more open and might take it straight away, some are more cautious and shy and will need some time to warm up to it. The fact this can be done by distance doesn't take away any efficiency in the healing, and it also takes away a stress factor of introducing someone new to your pet. It is also very convenient and can be done at a time and day that suits everyone and when your pet is nice and comfortable at home, in a quiet environment.


 Every healing will be adapted to your pet, to its need and how fluently it all goes. I will share with you what I've picked up from your pet, they might share with me what they would enjoy doing, or what they would need (eg a cat I did asked for a spot out of reach of the new dog, with his favourite blanket ; a dog that was struggling to walk asked for more time sunbathing in the garden next to the flowers edge).

30min  |  A$50

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