Meet Isa

 My practice is a safe and loving place where I want to help everyone to come to peace within themselves, to (re)discover who you truly are, to recognise and let go of limiting beliefs, old hurt and blockages. So that you can come into your own unique power and love who you truly are.


 I offer services that have been the most meaningful in my own healing journey, from a traumatic past and abuse. I offer the most empowering tools I have come across, to help empower YOU on your own journey of self discovery, healing and love. 



  Hi beautiful soul,

  Thank you for checking up my website. My name is Isa, I'm the founder of Isa's Haven, mum of 2 little ones and married to the love of my life. I offer in my business  services that have been life changing in the healing of my own past trauma of sexual abuse and a dysfunctional family.

  Before coming across Transformational coaching, I found myself repeating the same patterns and big emotions, and felt powerless under the influence of my past. No matter how much awareness I had, how many energetic healing I had received and how many counselling I had done to heal my past trauma, I just couldn't change it. Sounds familiar? Well I am absolutely blessed to be able to say that YOU CAN CHANGE this and I have the tools to empower with this!

  I’m a certified and registered (IICT) Passion & Purpose and Transformation and Self Love coach, and an intuitive Usui Reiki Master healer. My home is my sanctuary and helping and guiding you my soul purpose, and I’m looking forward to welcoming you here!

With love, Isa

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