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Isa's Haven



Isa Peersman is a Self Love & Transformational Life Coach and Reiki Master. She is passionate about empowering women who have been through trauma and a challenging past to release it, ACCEPT and LOVE themselves for who they truly are. Isa also offers Reiki healing sessions, which is an amazing tool to support her clients through this process of release. All this to bring her clients into the Self Love that they deserve. 

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Coaching is all about helping YOU find the answers YOU need. Shedding the light into your unconscious where beliefs, values, emotions and memories reside.


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IntegrationTransformation Self love


Client Testimonial

I signed up for the life coaching transformation that Isa provides and it has been and still is an amazing journey. I spent a good 3rd of my life of my life in conventional therapy (from a young age), with very little results. This is how I came to look for something deeper, different. In our first session, I expressed how guilty I felt, not ever being good enough, how I felt I had to justify my life and who I am. Now 8 weeks later, it feels like this was a lifetime ago. Those emotions no longer resonate with me, I feel calm, at peace and in control. I could not have achieved this without the gentle, caring and professional guidance of Isa. Keep an open mind an book yourself a discovery session. It's amazing how much can be achieved in a short period of time! 


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